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April 20th, 2019 | Karen G. Miller Conference Center, Sandy, UT


April 20th, 2019

Join us for

at the Karen G. Miller Conference Center in Sandy, UT

Learn from experts and practitioners

Renowned speakers and industry leaders made themselves available for the inaugural Blockchain Saturday event on September 8th, 2018, answering questions and sharing insights into the potential of blockchain.

Michael Proper, ClearFoundation

Michael Proper

Chairman, ClearFoundation

Morning Keynote

Michael Meehan

Intellectual Property Counsel 

at Hickman Palermo

"Intellectual property and the blockchain"

Timothy Ruff

Co-founcder & CEO of Evernym Inc.

"Self-sovereign identity"

Vince Romney

CTO of SK2 Technology

"Blockchain security: Is it really the security of Blockchain?"

Kerry Brown

XO with Factory6

"Marketing for Blockchain Companies and ICOs"

Paul Swider

CEO of RealActivity

"Extending Microsoft SaaS with Blockchain"

Rob McNealy

Serial entrepreneur, 

crypto project co-founder

"The Road to Mass Adoption"

Jake Wiser

Science Blockchains Founder

"Science Blockchains"

Michael Hiles

Founder ad CEO of 10XTS

"The Future of Blockchain in the Enterprise"

Bradley Hook

Blockchain Advisor 

and System Artichtech

"Smart Contract Systems for Better Goverance" and panel moderator

Kennedy Luvai

Patent Attorney at Parsons Behle & Latimer

"Data Privacy and Blockchains"

Trent Larson

dev at Medici Ventures, 

organizer for Bountiful Voluntaryists

"Chains in Support of Polycentric Authority"

David Loper, ClearFoundation

David Loper

President, ClearFoundation

Morning Keynote

Wil Bown

Founder of Neureal Foundation

"Panel: End-to-End Token Economics"

Chris Cannon

Managing Partner at Colours

"Panel: Marketing for Blockchain Technology Startups"

Wil Brown, Neureal Foundation
Christian Buckley, Microsoft MVP

Christian Buckley

CEO of CollabTalk LLC and 

CMO for revealit.io

Keynote moderator and event organizer

Jonas Otsuji

Jonas Otsuji

Director, Business Development at Neuryx, Inc.

"Fireside Chat: The Blockchain Startup"

Interested in speaking? The Call for Speakers is OPEN

Previous schedule from our September 8, 2018 event

Christian Buckley

Event Organizer

Microsoft RD & MVP

CEO of CollabTalk, CMO of revealit.io

Chris Cannon

Rick Garcia

Christian Buckley, Microsoft MVP

Committee Member

IT Project Manager at United Airlines

Committee Member

Partner at Colours

Greg McMurray

Committee Member

Sr. Software Engineer at WECC

Co-founder of Aritus Computer Services

Organizing Committee

Michelle Robinison

Committee Member

Consultant and Event Producer

at Robinson Productions

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